Sara's book provides a succinct overview of the background and  treatment for this complex illness. The suggested treatment protocol is clear and easy to follow. I would highly recommend the book as a resource for mental health practitioners who are treating Fibro patients. 

Ian Friedman, Clinical Psychologist

It pulls together all the many different sites / journals / treatment options that I have read up in so many different places and put it together in one clear place. Certainly I think it provides a clear insight into what a fibro patient goes through emotionally and what a hard place it is for both the doctor and patient as it isn't a clear cut and dry 'disease' to identify.

Karen Barron, MA, Psychotherapist

You have shed new light on the treatment of this highly complex disorder. I find your book empowering for clinicians such as myself who have felt lost to provide tangible help for these complex cases.

- Rochelle Shapiro, MA, LMFT